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Discover Who We Are

Global Ship Broking and Chartering Service Provider and Expertise that Matters.

We are an independent shipbroking company offering global services for our clients. Our team consist of highly competent and experienced people with educational backgrounds in finance, international trade and port and shipping.


What We Do

We endeavour to provide a full service offering to our clients consisting of  shippers, receivers, traders, ship owners and operators, from precise and up to the minute knowledge of the ocean freight and time charter markets, we successfully facilitate negotiations for our clients with a strong emphasis in ensuring both sides receive the best possible intelligence to assist their decision-making process.

Our Services

– Dry bulk shipbroking  
– Post fixtures operations



At Integrate, we built our customer centric focal point on the believe of our Credence We at OCEAN-REAPER believe in the merger of all agreements and understandings between parties pertaining to a particular subject matter into a single written agreement


We as Individual Collaborate together by bringing innovative ideas implemented with a high level of performance which will get you to where you're going at your ease and comfort. In other words our collaboration is for better performance for the marine transportation


Our Key Principle stands on a robust process to ensure that we are addressing the shipping needs timely and effectively. Aligning with a shipping provider, an overseas supplier, a buyer, or a third party that will make it easy for you to contact them needs to be a top priority in international shipping and an undeniable principle.

Our believe is in sound and reliable cooperation and unite together to achieve some common goal


As independent shipbrokers our lean organizational structure enables efficient and effective solutions.

Everything we do is about you from pre-fixtures to post-fixtures. We strive to perform at your best and we remain hardworking and honest to you, your requirements and your valuable time.


We take immense pleasure to state that all our business strategies are wholly customer-centric that are tailor made to support our customers in sea transportation.
Our diverse experience in dry cargo shipping empowers us the potential to develop strategies which render value-added and customer-focused services. Our team of seasoned professional’s co-ordinate Amongst themselves and serve our esteemed clients in a timely responsible.
Built upon the pillars of quality service, expansive network, esteemed clientele, proficient teams and Seamless processes.


To provide professional ship-broking service to our clients.
To provide good and capable operational coverage for our Charterers and Owners to keep their minds at ease.
To understand the constantly evolving shipping logistics environment and maintain awareness and alertness in the market all the time. 
We belief in Providing a reliable and professional shipbroking service.

OCEAN REAPER MARTIME is a new name in the global shipping industry however with the professional expertise and competency of its team members it is on a path of becoming one of the leading shipbrokers in the industry. 

We always keep our clients’ requirements in priority and provide them with the customized solutions/services according to their needs. 



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